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Your Path to a Fulfilling Career Illuminated by Understanding, Empathy, and Expert Guidance

Welcome to Resilience Career Coaching, where we empower individuals who have experienced trauma to find fulfillment and wellness in their careers. Through a unique blend of Ikigai, the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, and trauma-responsive coaching, we guide you beyond the challenges of the workplace to discover purpose, passion, and resilience. Our personalized approach supports you in every step, from navigating disability claims to crafting a career path that reflects your strengths and aspirations. Join us in building a future where your career is not just a job, but a journey of growth and fulfillment.


Welcome to a Transformative Journey Shaped by Experience, Resilience, and a Deep Understanding of the Human Condition.

For over two decades, I've guided countless individuals through the intricate realms of leave of absence, disability, and workplace accommodations, drawing from my own trials and triumphs. From childhood loss to grappling with Complex PTSD, I've faced adversity head-on, finding strength through therapy and tools like CBT and EMDR. Today, as a Trauma and Career Coach, I offer not just professional guidance but a beacon of hope for those facing their own challenges. Let's rewrite the narrative of struggle together, turning wounds into wisdom and adversity into opportunity.

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1-on-1 Virtual Coaching

Explore Trauma Responsive Career Guidance ™ to find purpose and wellness in your career through our 10-week virtual program or a customized care plan to fit your needs. Benefit from expert consultations on accommodations, benefits, and leaves, tailored to your unique situation.

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At Your Own Pace Online Courses

Enhance your understanding of employee benefits through our comprehensive online courses, designed to provide essential insights into leaves of absence, disability benefits, and workplace accommodationsEach course is meticulously crafted to provide actionable insights and strategies, helping you to make informed decisions about your career and wellness journey.

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